Our Research

Since 1896, Nutricia Research has been building our expertise in the science of early life nutrition. With our mission to stand by mums to nurture new lives, research and development is central to our company's operations. Our network of experts across a range of disciplines, relating to maternal, infant and toddler nutrition, work to support mums, dads, caregivers and healthcare professionals. We have major research centres in the Netherlands, Singapore and China, as well as a network of staff throughout the world to connect with other experts.

Global Research

Nutricia Research has built an extensive global network of experts and professionals who work together to support maternal and early life nutrition. Learn about our state-of-the-art research facilities and how the work done at Nutricia Research reaches across the globe.

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Breast Milk and the Immune System

Breast milk provides the best source of nutrition for infants. A complex composition that includes many biological components, breast milk strengthens a baby’s developing immune system, while providing them with the optimal nutrients that infants require. It’s these amazing traits that motivate Nutricia Research to continue to unlock the mystery behind the dynamics of breast milk.

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Ten Facts about Breast Milk

With over 30 years of research into the composition & functionality of breast milk, Nutricia Research can offer some interesting insights into the wonders of mother’s milk. These ten facts go to show why breast milk not only inspires, but truly is the best source of nutrition for babies.

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Danone Nutricia Prebiotics

Nutricia Research understands that all parents want their children to grow up happy and healthy. One of the best ways to help protect children is to make sure they stay healthy on the inside, so they're ready for all the new adventures that each day brings. Prebiotics play an important role in a child's diet, especially while their immune system is still developing.

About Prebiotics

History of Research

When, in 1896, Martinus and Jan van der Hagen produced their first infant milk formula based on the research by Prof. Backhous, they set a precedent for the decades that followed. Since then, inspired by the science of breast milk, Nutricia Research has been at the core of our business, driving us forward to each new key innovation and milestone.

Our History