Bottle feeding tips

These tips can help you bottle feed your little one better.

  • Get comfortable

    Cuddle your baby close to you, gently but firmly on a slight incline. Place a face cloth or bib under baby’s chin to catch any spills or dribbles.

  • Tilt the bottle

    Tilt the bottle so the milk completely fills the teat. This decreases the air that your baby is likely to take in, lessening their chance of vomiting with burps after feeds.

  • Place the teat against baby’s lips

    They will open their mouth and start to suck.

  • Burp your baby

    After your baby has finished half the bottle, see whether they want to burp. After burping, offer the bottle again.

  • Change the direction your baby is facing during the feed

    This helps to equally stimulate your baby’s senses.